Family members rejoice the return of long lost Gambhir after 40 years

Imphal (Manipur), Apr 20 (ANI): Large crowds from Khumbong turnRF up at Imphal Airport with banners welcoming Gambhir.They were seeing him after as many as 40 years. Back in 1978, Khomdram Gambhir, then 26, left ran away from home for reasons unknown and later went missing. The family was unaware of his whereabouts for 40 long years until their nephew, Romen Leichombam, brought a video of a grey haired and bearded man singing old songs to their notice. The video was shot and uploaded on YouTube last October by a Mumbai-based photographer Firoze Shakir who saw Gambhir singing on Mumbai streets.In the clip, the singer identified himself as Khomdan Singh of Manipur, which caught the nephew's attention. The video further caught the attention of Aheibam Dinamani, an assistant professor at NERIST university of Arunachal Pradesh, who contacted the nephew Romen and informed him about the man living on the Mumbai streets. Unable to get Gambhir back on their own due to their financial conditions, family contacted Mumbai Police and lodged a complaint with Patsoi police station.
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