Platonic friendship: A friendship like no other

Reminisce to the years back in elementary school when minds were innocent and nobody judged your friendships. It didn’t matter who hung out with who, or who talked to who, or who was friends with who. Childhood friendships were so simple because children didn’t think to be judgmental over something so petty.
 If you see a girl and a guy out to dinner together, the average outsider in today’s society would probably assume that the couple is dating.
Society has labeled popular guys as “players” and girls that are friends with guys as “whores.” People automatically assume that platonic duos “have a thing” or have something more going on than just a friendship. This concept is aggravating. This friendship is not like any other. The opposite sex is able to give you advice from a completely different perspective and can boost your confidence more easily than those of the same sex can. Not to mention, who can actually deal with the drama of hanging out with the same gender 24/7? Platonic friendships are a necessity, and it is unfortunate that society has morphed these types of relationships into something that they are not.   It is unfortunate that society is deceptive about these types of relationships.  
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