Best and most economic perfume for women in India

If you are interested in some natural (in attar form) and economic perfumes (instead of deodorants and body sprays which are full of harmful chemicals and alcohol), do visit our facebook page - DecoroLifestyle

Most favourites are (female perfumes)-

  1. Romance- She is dreamy, she is childlike, she is a delicate angel; the epitome of feminity. A delicate blend of amber, honey, berries and exotic flowers best suit her enchantress appeal.
  2. Symphony - Her laugh carries the symphony of the wind chimes…a blend of warm, citrus aroma with fruity notes perfectly befits this wild and free woman.
  3. Charisma- She is confidence, she is smiles, she has that aura around her which keeps you hooked into her. This fragrance with a blend of bergamot, tuberose, lilly , carnation and oriental keeps her going.
  4.  Regal- Dominating amberose, mountain lilly and rose with peppermint bring out the best in this woman with fine tastes and royal living.
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