Both Hindus and Muslims commemorate the Urs of Chirag Ali Shah in Kanpur

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Apr 23 (ANI): Situated on the banks of holy river Ganga, Kanpur city has long served as the confluence of two major religions of India.Upholding the Ganga- Jamuni tradition in Bhusatoli area of Kanpur, the 11th Urs of Hazzrat Syed Shah Chirag was recently commemorated by the Hindus and Muslims with much fervour and gaiety. Built in the premises of a Hindu household, the dargah was visited by the people coming from different cultural and social backgrounds. They offered holy chadders at the shrine, lit incense sticks and prayed for peace and tranquillity among several religions existing in our country. Several such sites can be found in the nook and corner of the country, which are setting a great example of communal harmony and are spreading the message of peace and brotherhood.
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