Salman Khurshid sparks new controversy, says Congress’ hands stained with Muslims blood

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh), Apr 24 (ANI): Raking up a controversy, senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid on April 23 said that his party's hands are stained with the blood of Muslims. Responding to a question at an event organised in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Khurshid said, "I am a part of Congress so let me accept that we have the blood of Muslims on our hands. I am telling you this; we are ready to show the blood on our hands so that you understand that you too must not get blood on your hands." "If you attack them, you are the ones who would get stains on your hands. Learn something from our history and don't create such situation for yourself where if you come back to AMU after 10 years you will find one like you to ask the question," he added.
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