What do girls do in their free time

The activities unique to girls( mostly teenagers) are

  1. Check online shopping sites for clothes but never buy
  2. Check their pictures in phone and assume that they look cute. At the same time think that the photo would have captured the entire beauty if only the photographer was better skilled and camera quality was better.
  3. Check their boy friend’s home page and their picture & posts.
  4. Browse on FB endlessly with special attention to the pictures of their girl friends( & clothes they are wearing)

Housewives getting free time!! This itself is a good news. Job of a housewives is demanding -physically and mentally too.

If you have free time take a small nap.It would keep you fit and energetic. Listen to music if toy like or watch TV. This would be a time for calling friends and others.

This also could be a time to peruse hobby like reading, writing, stitching,dress designing etc. If you think you have none this is a time to cultivate.

They can turn their hobbies for money making; writing, teaching(tuition), stitching, painting, cooking, dancing, singing. They can teach these activities to other people or kids.Still if they do not want to turn these things professionally they can enjoy their own.

There are many online , they can pick if their choice.

And still they want time for themselves then they can read books, learn new cuisine, watch some useful shows on TV and can share the good with the other

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