Why Girls Like To Shop

We love to have new and variety of materials.which is sometimes materialistic i know but aren't we worth it? Girls like keeping themselves updated with the latest trends in fashion world. They love the attention they get from thier husbands/lovers/bfs/family n such... Also, it makes them feel happy and loved...! Girls are born to be pampered n loved... They add all the colours to your dull boring life. Shopping is good... Not every day but once in a while atleast...! But excess of anything is good for nothing, Even for shopping! But we can't help it and love it anyways! Ever heard of the Hunter-Gatherer theory? No, this is not a history lesson, but we do blame evolution and genetics for our unapologetic addiction. There’s a reason why men shop like hunters (spot-kill-run=spot-pay-run) and women shop like gatherers (spend hours looking and weighing each purchase) We would rather spend on a pair of Jimmy Choos than a gym membership. Why do they make them malls so big anyway? We weight train with shopping bags and sprint from one sale to the next for cardio, end of story. chicas may not feel the need to justify this age old gender stereotype, but our better halves from Mars definitely do wonder where and why do we insist on burning a hole in their pockets for shoes, bags accessories and the works (and why do we need so many of them!). Men, read on, because SC gives a better insight into why girls can never and will not say no to shopping.
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