Have a dream to study abroad? : These countries offer Free Education

Indian students are still fascinated to get foreign degrees. However, Expenses have always been the challenge. But there are some countries where you can get higher education for free. It is worth mentioning that today, the US has started the process of accepting the H1-B visa application from April 2. However, President Donald Trump has made it difficult for the Gujarati people to go to America due to the strict changes made to the visa rules. In India especially Gujarati Students have the craze to study in countries such as America, Australia, Canada, Germany. There are also some countries in the world which offer free education to students from other countries including India.


Here Students can get Graduation , Post Graduation and doctorate level Education at free of Cost. One just has to learn their Language.


For the European Economic and European Union students, The Graduation and Post Graduation level Education is free here where as for others they charge nominal fees. Phd level course are free for all the students from any country.


Here Universities do not charge tuition fees from any students from any country but Now the rules have been changed and for that one has to learn their language to get enrolled.


Here students have to pay nominal fees for higher Education.


Even in France almost all Universities provide Free Education and others even charge nominal fees which can be bare by any.  
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