‘Shree Shakti Mandir’ in USA: fullfill all the wish of devotee

America: Ambaji Shree Shakti Mandir is located in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, in the same way as Ambaji is famous for its pilgrimage center in northern Gujarat near the Rajasthan border and the mountains of Aravalli. This Shakti Mandir is managed by the USA Institute. Every day, the hundreds of devotees take the benefits of Darshan, Aarti and Mahaprasad.
- Ambaji (USA) Shree Shakti Mandir, Atlanta, Georgia is open from 8am to 8pm. - People take advantage of 'Shrungar Aarti' at 9 am, 'Rajbhog Aarti' at 12 noon. - Later on in the evening at 7 o'clock, there is a large number of opportunities to take advantage of 'Shayan Aarti'.
The organization provides these facilities
- Ambaji USA is a Hindu religious institution, whose main purpose is to fulfill the spiritual, cultural, and social needs of the Hindu community. - Ambaji USA provides a perfect place for worship, rituals. Religious and cultural festivals are celebrated throughout the year.
The goal of the donors is possible
- Ambaji USA Community has worked to meet the spiritual, cultural, and social needs since 6th June 1993, when the idol of the temple has been established. The Hindu community believes its duty to continue the festivities, many challenges and expensive in the United States to follow this tradition. This excellent goal has been made possible only by the help of devotees and big donors.
Rajbhog Prasad includes delicious food like Puri, Vegetable, Bhat, Dal, Sweets, Pickle and Papad. - The devotees donate groceries to the Annapurna Prasad house.
- This grocery is free for everyone.
- Among the various donations, food is considered to be the best and highest donation in Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads. Providing food brings happiness, prosperity and happiness in the lives of people Every day a large number of devotees come to Shri Shakti Mandir and take advantage of Darshan, Aarti and Mahaprasad.
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