NRI is not a “Dream boy” any more: 25% fall in queries for NRI grooms


NRI bachelor mostly looks for the Indian brides for marriage. Although, they may have many foreign girlfriends abroad, but they prefer only Indian girls when it comes to marriage. Why is it so? Well, there is no direct answer, but the major reason remains entwined in the psychology and sociology of the born NRI men. A thorough research might help you find out some unexplored reasons, but here I am enlisting a few major reasons.

1 Cultural inclination

2 Ease of Return

3 Need for a stable family

4 to maintain Male superiority ( It's easy to control Indian women)

5 Financial Gain ( As Indian women earn for the family , Independence definition is bit different for women of India)    

but Now the prospective NRI groom is losing his coveted position in Indian families chasing the big fat American dream for their daughters, because of President Donald Trump’s strict immigration policies and a spate of hate crimes in that country.

Parents are now scared of marrying their daughters off to Indians settled in the US. We have witnessed a 25% fall in queries for NRI grooms, especially those in the US, in the past two months. This number has been on a steady decline since November, but the sharpest fall came in February because of the political developments there. The fear and fall in demand stem from sporadic violence against Indians in the US and anxiety among immigrant workers over Trump’s call to “reclaim jobs” for Americans. Most NRI grooms are professionals working for multinational companies.   Among the other major trends noticed in a multi-city   are a strong preference for CAs and tech professionals working in India, growing incidence of inter-caste and inter-community marriages, and a fall in dowry demands among some communities. Another clear trend: no one wants doctors as grooms. As for BPO workers, they are not first preference, but then they tend to pair up at the workplace itself.    
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