Planning a solo trip?: All you need to know about this community

Solo Travelers Meetup is a platform for those who are curious about the planet. It shares the most adventurous solo trips by fellow travelers, expert tips on solo traveling and insane meetups in different cities. Find here India & Abroad nomadic travelers jotting down their experiences from different hippie parts and transport. It's the platform where Solo travelers can meet and share their views and can exchange their experience.

Two Amdavadis have came up with this unique idea and managed to take this idea in reality. Today This community is having more than 5000 members and witness some interesting stories of solo travellers.

About The Community

-6 Meetups Organized in Gujarat (Three in Ahmedabad, One in Baroda, one in Surat), 7th Meetup in Singapore, 8th Meetup in Indore

-5000+ Community Members

-40+ Solo Travelers Story on  Portal

So far  they have arranged this kind of  meetups in India & Abroad and there’s a tremendous response from the community. Now, the idea is to take the concept beyond the home country. It’s a unique idea of bringing the solo travelers together and inspires others to join the community.

It's interesting to know the story behind the this community :

The idea of solo travelling was developed when two friends met and discussed their solo traveling experiences and they thought to connect with other solo travelers and from that date, till now there are almost 4000 solo travelers connected with the idea along with almost 40 different stories.

Community has witnessed many interesting stories and You would be pleased to read the story of Surabhi Chavda :

Surabhi Chavda The First Girl from Gujarat to attempt World's Heights Peak Mount Everest.

She completed the required courses in mountaineering from recognized mountaineering institutes and has been working as Mountaineering Instructor. She has been selected for climbing Mt. Everest (8848 meters, World’s highest mountains) expedition as a member and will be the first woman from Gujarat-India to climb Mt. Everest.

She is working with the school and going to introduce comprehensive long-term mountaineering program to nurture holistic mountaineering skills Unlike other short-term mountaineering courses, program will enable, Instilling fundamental skills by continuous and repetitive practice, Mentored Progression to scale higher and more difficult ascents, Exposure to different terrains in and outside the Country! She is one of the great examples of Solo Travellers, who is following her dream and passion. She recognizes the real experience and life of Solo Travelling at the Everest

Article by Dharaa Patel and Dhruvish Shah
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