Here’s why you should visit Putrajaya

Putrajaya is the federal administrative centre of Malaysian government. The administration of Malaysia was shifted to Putrajaya as Kuala Lumpur was getting over crowded. Putrajaya is a modern planned city and no expenses has been spared in transforming the city into a world class modern living environment. The city has many classical examples of well designed bridges, public parks, malls and monuments. There is a certain rise noted in the tourism in Putrajaya after the travel agencies have now dedicated tour packages for Putrajaya.

With so many things to do and see in Putrajaya we have highlighted the top reasons why you should visit Putrajaya.

Putra Mosque

It is a beautifully designed mosque whose architecture is inspired by Safavid monuments of Iran. Non-Muslims can visit outside of the praying hours and can rent robes as well if not properly attired. The mosque can house 15,000 worshippers at a time. The pink-domed Putra Mosque is constructed with rose-tinted granite and looks immensely beautiful during the day under the sunlight

Putrajaya Convention Centre

Putrajaya Convention Centre is one of the most notable works of modern architecture in the city. Its design is inspired by a spaceship and the location is very picturesque as well at the corner of the Persiaran Perdana. The best way to reach the building is by riding a bike through a loopy road which offers a good sighting of the town.

Marina Putrajaya

Tourists can enjoy boat rides here besides learning water sports like jet skiing, wake boarding, water skiing, canoeing and kayaking. The compound also has an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, squash court, karaoke rooms and snooker table. The biggest attraction is the musical fountain in the evening with a special show each Saturday.

Prime Minister's Office

The office obviously cannot be accessed by tourists but the building is very well designed and offers a good view for the sight. The nearby Dataran Putra is the biggest square in the city and many cultural events take place here.

Millennium Monument

Located on the waterfront of Putrajaya, the Millennium Monument is a 68 m high tower like structure whose design has been inspired from a hibiscus flower which is the national flower of Malaysia.

Tuanku Mizan Zamil Abidin Mosque

This is the second most visited mosque in Putrajaya after the central Putra Mosque but upon completion it was twice of the size of Putra Mosque. Each year in the holy month of Ramadan, there is a Bazaar with colourful goods and mouth-watering flavours of Malaysian cuisine.

Palace Of Justice

This building houses the Justice Museum and the tour gives an insight on the Malaysian legal system and its development.

Bridges Of Putrajaya

Mentioned at the last but certainly the best of Putrajaya can be made out from its bridges. The Seri Perdana bridge, Seri Wawasan Bridge, Seri Saujana Bridge, Putra Bridge and the Putrajaya Monorail bridge are great examples of the architectural brilliance of the planners and constructors of Putrajaya with each offering a different view during the day and night.

Botanical Garden

It is one of the major tourist attractions of Putrajaya and once you get to this 93 hectare landscape, you understand why! The place is full of aesthetic tropical gardens with flowers that offer a multitude of colours and fresh odour.

Putrajaya Challenge Park

The Putrajaya Challenge Park is a 30 hectare park in Putrajaya’s Precinct 5. The park is said to have some of the best extreme park facilities in Asia.

  By: Dhruvish Shah


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