Margot Robbie loves her work

"We learnt everything on this job, it was the first thing I'd produced so we learnt everything and it was incredibly difficult, but it has made everything since then much easier," Robbie told Collider. Robbie was aware of the enormity of the challenge heading into the project, reports But, ultimately, the actress did not mind the extra work because she was so enthusiastic about getting the film made. She said: "Producing is a huge job and being a first-time director, you might as well be a producer as well and Simon obviously produces as well, so we all kind of understand what it really requires to take that responsibility on and it is a huge responsibility. "But you don't do it unless you love it. It's just not worth it if you don't love it, really, it's a lot of time and effort for something unless you're hugely passionate about it. "But when you are doing something you're hugely passionate about, you don't care about the hours or this or that or whatever, and if you're doing it with your friends, old friends and new friends, it's not even work at that point."
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