Japan promotes fashion and food depicting Islamic culture

Tokyo (Japan), May 17 (ANI): Models wearing traditional Muslim dress sashayed walked down the ramp in Tokyo city. As widely recognized today, covering hair, ears and neck with a scarf called hijab is a common practice in Muslim dominated countries. Different coordination of colors, fabrics, and fits have been put into consideration when it comes to designing for Muslim women to fully enjoy various fashion styles. Clothing with unique themes and styles by designers are lined up at the event. Here, a special dying process technique called "AIZOME" is used to color the fabric in Indigo. It is a widely recognized style of dying and has a very long history in Japan. Japan is not only promoting cultural exchange but also business ties with the Muslim population. Now, more Japanese food companies are producing the so-called HALAL products for Muslim consumers and more grocery stores are stocked with it to cater Muslim customers. Here is a Japanese store at this event. Japan is a country with a very small Muslim population, yet it has been receiving a large number of tourists from Islamic nations. Japan intends to increase cultural exchange between Japanese and Muslim people through fashion and food. With the rising numbers of Muslim tourists and residents, Japan is quickly responding to this social trend through various cultural exchanges.
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