Why Japanese women are paying to cry with a handsome man

Someone thought that there was an immediate need for a service called a Ikemeso Danshi, where handsome men come and wipe away tears of over-stressed female workers.

Yes it sounds weird but as per Japan Trends, it works this way: you put in a request for your man of choice, they rock up to your office and together you watch some real sad movies to get those tears in full flow. Having spilled out all the tension of the daily routine, the person inclines in with one hand against the wall and gently brushes the tears of your cheek.

For 7,900 yen, or about $65, it is now possible in Japan to hire an appealing man to come to your work environment and delicately brush away tears as you sob.  The Tokyo-based organization Ikemeso Danshi—roughly, "Handsome Weeping Boys"— offers an online look book of prospective tear-wipers.

By: Dhruvish Shah

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