BJP brought people from outside during Panchayat polls: Mamata

"West Bengal shares border with Jharkhand. BJP is in power in Jharkhand. Several of our districts also share borders with Bihar and Bangladesh. Why people were brought in from Bangladesh on the polling day?" Banerjee said, as her party seemed set for a resounding win in the Panchayat polls. "Why was it done? Why did the BSF become active in the border areas without the state's permission? Law and order is a state subject and the election was being conducted by the State Election Commission," she said. She also alleged that the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) was jointly operating with the Maoists in several parts of Bengal. "I can't believe that BJP is operating with Maoists here. The BJP that conducted operations against the Maoists in Chattisgarh, is operating with the help of Maoists in Bengal," the Trinamool Congress supremo claimed. "The BJP had boasted they would get 40-50 per cent votes, but in reality they have got zero in most of the districts apart from a few bordering districts. That too because "materials" were brought in from outside," she said. Referring to Congress' dismal performance, Banerjee claimed they paid a price for joining hands with the BJP in Bengal to fight her party. "The Congress has made a great mistake by joining hands with the BJP. They have lost in Malda and North Dinajpur which used to be their stronghold," she said. Claiming that most of the people killed in the poll violence belonged to her party, Banerjee said the state government would investigate all cases of killing and would stand by the families of the deceased irrespective of their political affiliations. "A handful of incidents happened sporadically. Out of 13 deaths, 10 are the people of our party. We have taken action in every case," Banerjee said. "I am very sorry for those who were killed. We dedicate this victory to the people. We will take care of all the families of these martyrs irrespective of whichever party they belonged to," she added.
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