Gujarat: Helpline will be boon for farmers

Farmers of Gujarat can now get all the Farming related equipment  at low cost. Besides that They will get guidance as well regarding farming related queries. It's always been issue for Farmers to get updated with latest technology as well as to get the answer of all queries in regional language.  Through this helpline Farmers will not only get the answer of  farming related queries but they will get all the equipment at very low cost. Founder Bhavesh Patel said that " It's our vision to give the best to Farmers and help them in all possible way. He further added "We go to manufacturer, select the best products and deliver it direct to farmers. We also provide more discount in all products from 10% to 35% through our helpline. The Farmers demanded to start the helpline in each district  to reach to Mr. Bhavesh and this is the result of the demand that He come up with this initiative and going to inaugurate "Khedut Helpline" for Gujarat Farmers on 21st May. Advantage of Farmer Helpline
  • Farmer  can buy any item after farmer registration in Gujarat. Members without registration will not be able to buy
  • Registration will not be required to pay any type of fee
  • Farmers will get 1 lakh accident insurance at  free of cost.
  • In 15 days, will get the on-paper policy
  • Farmers' helpline should not be called in Gujarat for insurance policy.
  • The registration of all the agricultural oriented schemes of the Gujarat government will be made free to  member, which is not to be charged.
  • Besides it helps to Educate Daughter of farmers comes under below poverty line.
  • They are planning to help in a case of suicide as well and will provide legal aid as well.

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