Meghan Markle-Prince Harry wedding: First glimpse of the royal wedding cake

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s impending wedding has people across the world reeling from all the excitement. Starting from the wedding gown, guest list, bridesmaid and pageboys, venue to the honeymoon destination, everything about the royal wedding has been of great interest. Speculations are rife and most arrangements have been shrouded in secrecy. But we are glad that the first glimpse of the wedding cake is out now with London-based, Violet Bakery owner Claire Ptak leading the team of six bakers. The three-part layered lemon and elderflower cake which took five days to bake will have “an ethereal taste” and will be presented in a non-traditional way. According to ABC News, “some 200 Amalfi lemons will be used, as well as 10 bottles of Sandringham elderflower cordial, which is made with elderflower from Queen Elizabeth II’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk.”
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