Khloe begs Kim to make up with Tristan

Khloe has been forced to step in to make sure there's no animosity between her sibling and her partner after they unfollowed one another on their social networking sites when video footage of the 27-year-old basketball player appearing to kiss another woman in a nightclub was leaked online. "Khloe is desperate for them all to let bygones be bygones. She is starting to plan True's christening and doesn't want there to be any bad vibes between Kim and Tristan. Kim and her sisters were her rock when she was heartbroken over the 'cheating' allegations, but she has decided to try to make things work for Tristan, and really wants Kim and Tristan to draw a line under their feud," a source told The source added: "Khloe is serious about this, as right now Kim and Tristan are barely speaking. Tristan knows he needs to make every effort to prove to her family that he is going to be a good partner - and rebuild that trust." Kim, 37, has made her feelings for Thomspson clear as she branded his behaviour "f***ed up" when she appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show". Although Khloe's family aren't keen on Tristan, the 33-year-old star is determined to make her relationship with him work for the sake of their little girl.
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