Reality show: INE debate

These first two debates have had a large audience, but the question arises about the main reason for the supposed success obtained. No need to dig a lot to realize that it is not a discussion based on high criticism, but a space (which incidentally costs millions to carry out) where the ultimate goal is to discredit other candidates and this is what causes attraction.

A reality show is marked by expectation, curiosity to see how the members live together, to listen to their fights, and if the audience begins to go down they invent conflicts that help to remedy that problem and painfully, that is the debates that our institute organizes and promotes. electoral national. Let's face it, much of the audience saw the debate to see the occurrences that come out, and put a lower interest to the proposals, what interests are the forms of aftershocks and accusations. It is regrettable to know that the vote of many Mexicans is going to be based on the body language (and its implications) that is carried out during these debates.

The INE has dedicated itself to promoting its debates and to exalt that its models have been the best. However, it is perceptible that his motives are to reach a greater audience and not to seek a debate of high criticism, he explained. Much of the Mexican people is limited to six hours (three two-hour debates) of poor proposals and demagogues. It is necessary that the INE also invests in promoting the projects of the three coalitions and the independent candidate, because for there to be a highly critical debate it is necessary to know their projects, although it is also important that those who lie in the debate be punished. It is not valid that during that time everything is valid and then " VerificadoMX" arrivesto show us with proof that the information is false. The worst thing is that these tests that verify the information do not have as much scope.

For this reason we will have to rethink whether these last two debates have really been the best ones, if we evaluate them from a categorical reality show point of view, of course, but if we evaluate them from the beginning of a highly critical debate, the INE It has left a lot to be desired. MEXICANS AND MEXICANS ARE NOT SILLY. If the INE does not promote a conscious vote, then we demand a higher level of debate, we have the possibility to look for different projects, approaching political scientists, sociologists, historians, philosophers, among other professionals to advise us when understanding the development of the different proposals. We do not settle for a Reality show, on the contrary, from a framework of respect and tolerance we open spaces for highly critical debate.

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