Ahmedabad: Builder Dharmesh Shah shoots his wife, two daughters at his residence on Judges Bungalow Road

Flash : - Dharmesh Shah, 52, a resident of Ratnam Tower on Judges Bungalow Road, shot his wife Ami, 48, along with daughters Heli(22) & Diksha(17). Dharmesh Shah owns civil contracts firm Diva Construction in Vastrapur. Heli was an architect who worked with him while Diksha studied engineering. The incident took place early today morning probably when the trio was asleep. Dharmesh Shah fired three rounds from his pistol. Cops are yet to ascertain if the firearm is licensed & are trying to talk to him but he hasn't opened up yet. Police investigation pointed at Dharmesh's debt of about Rs 20 crore. He had a loan of about Rs 10 crore and had taken Rs 8 crore from friends and relatives.  
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