Akshay Kumar delete his old tweets on petrol price rise

Once you have said your things they can bother you even after coming back. Especially when the thing has been said on Twitter.  Today's Twitter public is quite fast to find old tweets. Something like that happened with Bollywood's 'player' Akshay Kumar. The whole case is like this. In social media, people are reminding BJP leaders about the rising prices of petrol. On the other side, Akshay Kumar also got an eye on an old tweet.  What triggered a series of trolls is the fact that soon Akshay's tweet was deleted. His act of deleting the old tweet, and not saying a single word against the current price rise, irked on social media. After netizens started pointed that very fact out by subtweeting an old tweet of Akshay, the Pad Man star, instead of responding, deleted it. Twitter, of course, had screenshots to spare:
Well, the question is reasonable. If the price reached Rs 75 in 2012 was more than that, then why silence on petrol price above 80 rupees in 2018? And this is public issue, the question will be asked. After all, what was the compulsion to delete these  tweets?
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