Indian’s explain how racism has ruined their career

Our society still suffers from a colonial hangover which discriminates on the basis of skin tone. The color bias is so ingrained in our country that even the most influential sections like the film fraternity have fallen prey to it.

First, let's peep into the life of some localites who have faced racial discrimination in their daily lives.

"Skin color is the issue which I have to face every day being a dark skinned man. I am top performer in my office though I have been provided less importance by my colleagues. Company does not provide me the opportunity where I can get a chance to communicate the key clients / corporate. In my case, only my skin color is the hurdle in a way of progress."

Aditya George

It's 21st Century and we think that we are beyond the casteism and racism but it's not true. I am enthusiastic, punctual , soft spoken and talented but when it comes to promotion, none of these matters As I am dark skinned man and I do not look good. I do not carry that personality which can impress others and this is the reason,  being a manager. I have to involve in a work which does not suit my position. 

Ankit Pathak

Racism still exist . Yes, ask me. My performance doesn't matter as I do not have fair skin and impressive communication skills. I do the same work which my colleagues do but still I am given less importance and I am also not being appreciated for my work where as my colleagues who are handsome always get appreciation for the same work. It affects on my confidence level as well.

Manish Doshi

Discrimination is not only limited up to the lives of normal people but it has also made its existence in the lives of Bollywood fraternity. Let's have a look at the racial discrimination faced by one of the famous Bollywood actress.

Cat fights between Bollywood actresses are not uncommon. One such alleged verbal duel between Kareena Kapoor and Bipasha Basu took place during the shooting of Ajnabee and ended on a racist note. According to reports, Kareena Kapoor allegedly called Bipasha Basu a ‘kaali billi’ (black cat), referring to Bipasha  Basu’s dusky complexion. While Bipasha never cleared the air over this controversy, it still remains one of the low points of Bollywood.

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