This ‘Mantra’ by Adi Sankaracharya ji will gift you ‘beauty’

Soundarya sadhana : for glowing skin and beauty Soundarya; the word is too small but it may take thousands of years to understand it. The base of everything, the thing which leads an attraction, which is responsible to run a part of the universe and to make a big draft of it, beauty which makes a difference in objects, beauty which is a way to understand the standing of individuals. From the very ancient time, it has been inspiration for the most of the arts, it can not be said that what we understand today from this word but previously it was but obvious not the way it is today. Today it has become a short of representation of the glamorous identity, but when we speak on this subject, we must think that is it the limitation of the existence of beauty? Probably no. In sadhana world the beauty generation is mentioned in everyway possible. Through various herbal treatments, through paarad tantra and with various tantra sadhanas even. While there are some sadhanas which gives specific results and fulfill the desires of the person. One of such sadhana is Saundarya sadhana. The sadhana results in a glowing skin and an attraction on the face. It has also be seen that unwanted marks and other skin related problems for example pimples and others even get treated with the help of sadhana. The sadhana could be started on Monday the time could be day or night but night time is preferable. Direction could be north or east. Sit on the aasan. And pray gurudev and devi saundarya for fulfilling your wish and chant 11 rosaries of the following mantra with Sfatik Rosary. Mantra “ Om soundarye soundary pradaay siddhim dehi namah ॐ सौन्दर्ये सौन्दर्य प्रदाय सिद्धिम देहि नमः Repeat the process for next 20 days total 21 days. Many people has seen that their skin gets fair and a beautiful glow rises meanwhile the sadhana is yet to be finish. The sadhana is equally fruitful for both men and women.
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