Happy Birthday Karan Johar: Here’s Why He’s the Definition of Love, Friendship and Bold Decisions

Karan Johar, the quintessential Bollywood producer, is an uncommon diamond to have happened to this film industry and an even rarer one for the motion picture buffs conceived in the 90s. The executive maker merchant is regularly dissed – for his world class filmmaking, for being the 'banner carrier of nepotism' and for his sexual introduction, however none of it has slowed down his voyage in getting to be one of the numerous appearances of the Bollywood we know today. Furthermore, truly, thank god for that. For somebody who is conceived in the 90s and for somebody who is as large a film buff as we're, the adolescence will always stay inadequate without the famous DDLJ prepare scene, Rahul-Anjali's scandalous 'miscreant' battle (Kuch Kuch  Hota Hai), Shah Rukh's 'I don't care for you' (Kuch Kuch  Hota Hai) and Kajol's 'avai' (Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham… ), Poo's 'kaun hai wo jisne mudke mujhe nahi dekha' (Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham… ), Shah Rukh's 'Khan from the epiglottis' (My Name Is Khan) in addition to other things. Essentially, without Karan's sort of movies, the start of 2000s wouldn't have been as dingy as we think back it to be today. Some reel-minutes like Anjali's red-dupatta-white-kurta scene and Rahul's companionship band conversation starter (Kuch Hota Hai) from the executive's filmography are so imbued in any 90s child's mind that the majority of them have either longed for a romantic tale like that or have watched those movies boundless number of times, sufficiently only, to lip each discourse that comes onscreen. He might be the one lad in industry who knows what’s cooking from miles apart, he might be the one who is conscious of his fashion choices more than any other actor or director of his league ever will be, he might be the one to have stereotyped the K-films and he just might be the one to have taken forward the nepotism but had it not been for the man that he is and for the choices that he’s made, the 90s kids probably wouldn’t have been bestowed with the filmy bug that they’ve today.  
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