“I am thankful to Adarsh Credit for supporting me financially for the floorball world championship”,says Ajay Nehra, U/19 floor ball champion

28 /05/2018 , Ahmedabad :  Ajay Nehra who will be representing India in Under 19 floor ball championship spoke with Ashoka News exclusively.

Excerpts from the Interview :-

Congratulations for getting selected in Under - 19 floor ball team for India and it is a proud moment for us that you will be representing India in Floor Ball world championship which is going to be held in Singapore.

Tell me about Floor Ball? Our viewers want to know more about this game?

Floor ball is a type of floor hockey where there are 5 players and one goalkeeper and floor ball matches are played in 3 time periods of 20 minutes each with 5 minutes of break between them. Floor ball is Indoor sports and is played on synthetic grounds. Floor Ball is second fastest game in the world after Ice Hockey. Floor Ball is very popular sports in Finland , Sweden , Norway , Switzerland and Czech Republic and is gaining lot of popularity in America and Asian countries.

When did you start playing the game of floor ball?

I started playing hockey in the beginning. I then shifted towards playing floor ball when I was in my 10th Standard. I am playing floor ball since last 4 years now.

How has Adarsh Credit supported you in pursuing this game?

My father is working with Adarsh Credit Co-operative Society Ltd , Rohtak Branch, Haryana. The staff of Adarsh Credit has always supported me in pursuing this game. Adarsh Credit has given me financial support to pursue this game. I am totally speechless and I have tears of joy. Adarsh Credit is only corporate from India who has supported floor ball.

I am especially thankful to Respected Rahul Ji Modi and management of Adarsh Credit who have always motivated and supported me financially for playing floor ball in international tournaments. I am specially thankful to the management of Adarsh Credit for their strong support.

Who are your sporting Idols?

My sporting idols are Alexander Rudd and Kim Nilsson from Sweden's floor ball team.

Has floor ball given Olympic or national game status?

Floor ball is not an Olympic sports but it is recognized by International Paralympics committee. Floor ball is now widely played game in India. There are 16 floor ball federations in India who working towards popularizing and organizing the game in the country.

Brief me about the upcoming Under -19 World Floor ball Championship which is held in Singapore?

Under- 19 World Floor ball championship is going to be held in Singapore from 24th July 2018. There are about 50 countries participating in the floor ball world championship in Singapore. There is 20 player contingent from Indian Floor ball team and I would playing as defender - Right for the Under -19 India Floor Team.

Tell me about your practice regime for the upcoming Under - 19 world floor ball championship in Singapore?

I practice 2 times in a day. I practice from 5 am to 9 am in morning and 7 pm to 10 pm in the evening. I practice floor ball in Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex in Rohtak. I have strict diet regime for Floor ball. I always take low fat diet and prefer only liquid foods like fruits and juices to maintain my fitness for the game.

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