Follow the simple rules, you can impress any girl

Get her attention. That doesn’t mean you have to stare at her until she feels creeped out and wonders why you’re looking at her. What you really need to do are things that will make her interested in knowing you before you approach her. That way, when you do approach her, she’ll be open to hearing what you have to say.  
  • She'll want to know what you are trying to say, but you don't want to give your position away. If you want to know if she's right for you - match your personalities. Sprinkle in some questions about her to her or her friends. But not so many in a row or you may get her suspicious and scare her off.
Smell good! Women have a perceptive sense of smell, and most of them love a man who smells good. Make sure she likes your scent.  
  • Shower daily. If you are an athlete, shower after sports activities as well.
  • Brush your teeth well and don't forget the back of your tongue where all the smelly bacteria collects.
  • Floss your teeth daily. Removing bacteria between your teeth and on the back of your tongue will get rid of bad breath.
  • Have several winter fresh or spearmint breath-mints in your pocket. She will never kiss you if your breath is bad.
  • Wear cologne, but just a splash - one to two squirts max, not the whole bottle or the cologne will act as a girl repellent. It's recommended to get something from a department store and not a grocery store. One bottle will last most guys a year or more. If you really want to get to know this girl, she’ll be worth it. If you shower, brush, floss, wear a splash of cologne, and you pop a mint in your mouth right before you talk to her, she’ll not only talk to you, she’ll appreciate your cleanliness and remember your smell.
Have some questions ready, and approach her when she is walking or sitting by herself. To get the conversation started, you can ask something like, "Can you believe she actually gave us homework over break?" or, “Didn’t you love that band that played at the café last week?” Be friendly and greet her with a smile and a simple “Hello.” You’d be surprised how well hello works. Try to make the questions related to how you know each other, like the class you have together or the work training that you’re both in. Be positive and upbeat. How she feels when you are around her is the most important thing and what she will remember most when she thinks of you later. Always be ready to say sorry as it shows you are good-natured. Plus, a sorry won't let you down.   Be confident. Women are more aware of the confidence a guy has than anything else. How confident a person is can be seen from across a room, and she’ll feel comfortable talking with you if you give her the impression you believe in yourself and your abilities. This does not equate to arrogance. Be self aware and know your strengths.  
  • Stand with your shoulders up, and let her know that you know who you are.
  • Take your hands out of your pockets and stand firm on both feet.
  • Wait for the right time to approach her rather than chasing her down.
  • Make eye contact and keep eye contact. Looking away on occasion is normal, but make sure you let her know you're listening to her. Expect to be the one to make the first move. She'll expect you to text or call her first.
Be yourself. If you're funny, then make her laugh. If you're smart, then talk about something cool that you know. If you're a musician, talk about what it's like to play an instrument. Try sticking to common interests at first and don't try to impress her. Girls don't like show-offs. Be a good listener. Listen to her stories about her friends or what she thinks is funny. You don't have to agree with her, but don't tell her what to do. Repeat back what she says to you on occasion and don't spend too much time talking about yourself. Give her a full smile to let her know you like her and you're enjoying time with her. Keep your eyes on her. Don't look at or talk about other girls when you're with her. She needs to know that she's the only one on your mind. And put your phone away. Be on time. Never cancel a date with her and show up on time. This will show her that you have made her a priority and she's important to you. If you're picking her up for a date, plan on her possibly being late. Girls put a lot of work into the way they look, so be patient. Your patience will put her at ease and the night will go well. Break the touch barrier. Once you’ve spent several hours together, and you know she enjoys spending time with you, reach out to her. Physical contact will help to make the conversation more intimate and meaningful.
  • Start by giving her hugs when you say goodbye. Make sure the hugs don't linger longer than 3-6 seconds or she might feel uncomfortable. If she squeezes you back and holds you, you're ready for the next step.
  • Reach for her hand. If she holds your hand back or intertwines her fingers with yours, she's really in to you and wants to be your girlfriend.
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