Temple Made Up Of One Million Beer Bottles

In 1984, one priest and his helpers had grown tired of the mounting litter in the Sisaket area of Thailand close to the Cambodian outskirt. To advance reusing and the cleaning of the landscape, the monks supported everyone in the area to bring them reused beer bottles that would be utilized to build a temple. The outcome was Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew: The Million Bottle Temple.

Utilizing mostly green Heineken and brown Chang beer bottles, the monks started with a temple and later shaped a crematorium, water towers, dozing quarters and even toilets. Pushed into the concrete of the walls, the reused bottles—around 1.5 million of them—frame every detail of the buildings, all around. Aside from whole bottles, the monks also joined bottle caps to make mosaics and Buddhist designs within the temple.

By: Dhruvish Shah
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