Hindus, Muslims make idols of Hindu Deities in Aligarh

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) Jun 04 (ANI): India is a country where people from different faiths share a unique bond of communal amity and brotherhood. Living by this ethos are Hindu and Muslim artisans in the Sarai Bhunki locality of Aligarh city in Uttar Pradesh, who have been working together for decades now. Most of the families in Sarai Bhunki have been involved in making brass idols of various Hindu gods and goddesses for generations now. Not just Hindu artisans, their Muslim counterparts too are known for their fine craft skills. It takes artisans from both the communities to finish an idol. First, the Hindu artisans mould brass into the desired shape. The idol is finally completed when the Muslim artisans add intricate engravings and polish them. The artisans have been working hard to meet the high demand during the festive season. The idols manufactured here are sold across India and exported abroad as well. Respect and tolerance for different ways of life, including festivals, traditions, and faiths, is a pre-requisite for communal harmony and these artisans set a perfect example for their fellow countrymen.
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