Empty ammunition have been found in Pokharan Field: Army

New Delhi [India], Jun 5 (ANI): The Indian Army has recovered empty ammunition of various kinds found in Pokharan Field which appear to be blinds recovered from impact area of the range. In a statement, the Army said that none of them were live ammunition. The Army added that all explosives from the shells and rounds were taken out for further disposal through scrap route. Pictures from the location indicate that the shells, rounds were un-fuzed and all explosives from the shells and rounds have been taken out. The process of taking out the propellant is a specialist process undertaken in an authorised commercial plant, the Army further said. The Army continued that investigation by local authorities is underway and the empty ammunition have been handled in an authorised manner by the scrap dealers. Such investigations have been undertaken routinely to ensure due security and safety. (ANI)
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