Woman Born Without Vagina, Gets One From Fish Skin

A woman born without a vagina has turned into the first on the planet to experience reconstructive surgery  to have one built out of fish skin.

Jucilene Marinho, 23, from Ceará, Brazil, experienced a neovaginoplasty in April a year ago in the wake of being conceived with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hause (MRKH) left her with no cervix, uterus or ovaries - meaning she will never have kids.

The method, performed at the Federal University of Ceara included making an opening where Ms Marinho's vagina should have been before inserting a genital-shaped mould lined with the skin of the freshwater fish tilapia.

The fish skin was then absorbed into her body and changed into tissue that lines the vaginal tract, the Daily Mail reports.

After spending three weeks in hospital, Ms Marinho - the first of four patients given the procedure - was released and is presently excited with the outcomes.

She stated: "My family and companions took me out to 'toast' my new vagina!"

Ms Marinho, who spiraled into a deep depression when she figured she could never have an intimate relationship, has even possessed the capacity to engage in sexual relations out of the blue with her boyfriend of over a year Marcus Santos, 24.

By: Dhruvish Shah

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