Fashion Show In Saudi Arabia Replaces Models With Drones

A fashion show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, that used drones to walk clothes down a runway has been ripped apart by Arab fashion elites and critics who compared the dresses with ghosts and dementors.

Ali Nabil Akbar tells, he thought showing the dresses by means of drone during the Saturday show at Hilton Hotel was "suitable for Ramadan."

Akbar also added that, "the idea is that we want to add things that are simple yet beautiful, even the decor and set-up of the hall was organized beautifully, everything involved innovation."

The visuals showed a black floor-length dress fluttering over a hotel ballroom, its sleeves rustling under light fixtures and above the heads of men in long white robes and checked red and white headscarves. A green dress takes after on a black hanger, while the drone's loud buzz rivals the soft music playing in the background.

On social media, some posters compared video from the show unfavorably to a horror film, with users suggesting that the floating dresses looked as if they were being worn by ghosts.

By: Dhruvish Shah
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