FIFA World Cup 2018: The Serbian barber Mario Hvala who gives Messi headshots

Mario Hvala gives his creativity free rein as he shaves and snips away on a headshot ‘hair tattoo’ in his Novi Sad salon ahead of Thursday’s World Cup kick-off. It all began nine years ago, he says, with a suggestion to a customer, “to do something different”. That ended with a tarantula sculpted with a cut-throat razor into the hair on the back of the man’s head. And it’s turned into something of a local fashion in Serbia’s second largest city Novi Sad. “The portraits are the most complex when doing the ‘hair tattoos’,” Hvala told AFP. “It takes five to seven hours.” With Serbia having qualified for the World Cup in Russia, Hvala hit on the idea of “drawing” the faces of the world’s top two football players for fans. (Agence France-Presse)
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