Khalsa Aid selflessly serves Iftar to 5000 Syrian refugees

A UK-based Sikh NGO is making Ramzan special for over 5,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Iraq by providing iftar food packets for thousands of people displaced due to the ongoing civil war. In collaboration with Sawa for Development and Aid, a local Lebanese charity, Khalsa Aid is providing iftar meals to more than 5,000 refugees through their ‘Ramzan Kitchen’. @Khalsa_Aid We are funding #Ramadan Fresh food ( Iftar ) for 5000 #Syrian Refugees daily in Lebanon ! Food is freshly prepared & served. Our thx to our friends @SawaForDev for their wonderful support. #Iftar The charity also gifted new clothes and shoes to over 500 refugee children in Iraq’s Mosul. As #Eid approaches many refugee children in a camp near Mosul remain without gifts or smilies. Our volunteers changed all that ! We purchased new shoes for over 500 children Refugees. Smiles are back ! #Ramadan @YasminQureshiMP “These children were forced to leave their homes when war broke out in Mosul in 2014. The city has been left devastated. These clothes will be the only gifts many of these children will receive this Eid while suffering difficult conditions of a refugee camp,” the organisation wrote on Facebook. According to Khalsa Aid founder, Ravinder Singh, the NGO carries out humanitarian operations in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Zambia, Malawi, Haiti, Guatemala, Punjab, United Kingdom and Bangladesh.
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