Do we need a Bluetooth-enabled Rubik’s Cube? Perhaps yes

Tel Aviv [Israel], June 18 (ANI): If you are still an amateur at solving Rubik's Cube, you might be interested in a new version of the ancient toy that retains the complexity and classy nature while making it a tad smarter. On Kickstarter, GoCube is the new-age Rubik's Cube with Bluetooth support. With the added smartness, the connected app tells you how to unscramble the cube without going crazy, The Verge reported. An advanced version called GoCube Edge offers more accurate tracking and stats for rotation speed to help you improve your skills. The standard GoCube is available at USD 59 for early birds while the GoCube Edge is available at USD 79. It is expected to start shipping in March 2019. (ANI)
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