India celebrates communal harmony through inter-community Iftar parties

Agra (UP), Jun 18 (ANI): The month of Ramzan is set to bid adieu to the 172 million believers of Islam across India. To make it special to their Muslim brothers, several communities organised Roza Iftars, throughout the month cherishing a long beholden bond between multi-religions of India. In the northern part of Lucknow city, the chief priest of Mankameshwar Temple hosted an Iftar meal for Muslim friends showcasing great-spirit of communal harmony. Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims do not consume food or water from dusk till dawn. They start their day with Sehri, a pre-dawn meal and end it with an Iftar, a lavish evening meal. Mahakameshwar temple played host to 500 Muslims for Iftar. This initiative further enhanced the cultural respect and harmony among people from different religions.
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