India, EU should work to defeat terrorism, radicalization

Athens [Greece], Jun 19 (ANI): President Ram Nath Kovind on Tuesday said India and the European Union (EU) should work together to combat the menace of terrorism and radicalisation. Addressing a gathering of diplomats, policy makers and academics in Athens on the subject "India and Europe in a Changing World", President Kovind said terrorism and radicalisation were "pressing global concerns." "Pockets of instability and extremism can be found in the region to Europe's east and India's west. They are a worry for both Europe and India. Promotion of terrorism by state and non-state actors, extremism in a variety of forms and rooted in senseless hate, the proliferation of sensitive weapons, the use of regular communication and financial channels by terror groups - these pose a challenge to not one nation or the other but to all humanity," he said. The President said India and the EU must persuade the world to not distinguish between so-called "good" and "bad" terrorists, to shame and sanction state sponsors of terrorism, and to strengthen multilateral platforms such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum (GTCF). President Kovind expressed India's willingness to share its domestic experiences and success stories in a manner that may be useful to EU. He underscored that New Delhi was always committed to world peace. President Kovind said that India saw peace not just as the absence of conflict, but as a reflection of sustainable development and indeed of any effort that anticipates and prevents strife and suffering. "When we work for combating climate change, we contribute to world peace. When we assist other developing countries, as per their priorities, and strive for a less unequal world we contribute to world peace. When we rescue and evacuate not just our own citizens from troubled regions, but those of 40 other countries - as we did during the Yemen crisis of 2015 - we contribute to world peace. When we put considerable troops and resources at the disposal of United Nations peacekeeping operations, we contribute to world peace," he stressed. The event was organised by the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) - a leading foreign policy think tank in Greece and in Europe. President Kovind is currently on a three-nation visit to Greece, Suriname and Cuba. He will leave for Suriname later in the day.
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