Pakistan correspondent Sirmed’s home ransacked again after eight years

Lahore [Pakistan], June 22 (ANI): The residence of veteran Pakistani journalist Marvi Sirmed was found ransacked on Thursday. The modus operandi of the robbery, according to informed sources, was similar to previous robbery at her house in 2010. The Daily Times reports that Sirmed and her family were out on a holiday when the incident took place. Two laptops, one smartphone, passports of family members were among other travel documents found missing. The Daily Times quoted Sirmed, as saying that she could tell that the miscreants had gone through the family's belongings, but added that no valuables like jewellery were taken. She revealed that her wedding ring and two bangles were also missing. "I don't know who would want to rob my house as I don't even have precious jewellery or such valuables here," she said. She said that she has filed a police complaint, but a case is yet to be lodged. (ANI)
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