Telugu Superstar Pawan Kalyan’s ex-wife Renuu Desai announces her engagement

Renuu Desai , ex wife of Pawan Kalyan announced to the world that she was in love when she uploaded a long note about a certain somebody special on Instagram. She also mentioned ‘fiance’ in one of her posts, which led to hate messages and advice from Pawan Kalyan’s fans about why she shouldn’t remarry. Renuu Desai, however, did not pay heed to the haters and has now revealed that she is engaged to someone special.

Renuu Desai has also shared some moments from her engagement, the most beautiful photo being the one where her children Akira and Aadhya are with her. The picture was captioned, “My happiness is incomplete without my babies... so happy that I have both of them beside me on the day I start a happy phase of my life.”

Renuu Desai also shared a picture with her fiance, however, she kept his identity hidden. She also shared the mandatory ‘engaged’ post where we see the future bride and groom wearing their engagement rings.

Earlier this month, Renu Desai had shared a picture with of herself with a mystery man and captioned it beautifully on Instagram.

She Tweeted, “I went looking for love in all the wrong places. I thought, I will find it in poetry. Sometimes in candlelight dinners, most of the time in sugar coated false promises of forevers. I wanted to find love in the most obvious; rains, songs and long drives. I thought I will find it hidden in a giant bouquet of hundred roses (sic),”

But now Renuu Desai has managed to keep her fiance's identity as secret but also changed her Instagram settings to private.

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