A Spy-themed Restaurant where you have to pass clearance test to enter

This Midwestern U.S. restaurant 'Safe House' has a rather nondescript exterior, but that seems to be the precisely the point. Everything related to the spy-themed restaurant is based on the CIA definition of a safe house, which is meant to be a seemingly innocent premise where an intelligence organization would conduct its covert operations in relative security. Nowhere will you find a sign advertising “Safe House”, and you even need to know the password to enter the establishment. If you ever find yourself in Milwaukee, this top-secret restaurant is worth seeking out; though remember, you didn’t hear it from us.   On orders from Control, The spy restaurant began in 1966 and has remained a covert operation to hide spies ever since. To conceal high priority agents They’ve created an elaborate espionage destination full of hidden doors, two-way mirrors, and secret labyrinth corridors. To be sure you’re not an informant, a clearance test is required to enter, but don’t worry, They won’t turn away a hungry spy.    
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