Amul wins 20 year old legal battle against private dairy Anul

Amul has won legal battle against Anul, Ahmedabad based private dairy.The private dairy Anul has been restrained from selling pouched milk under the brand names of ‘Anul Taaza’ and ‘Anul Shakti’ by a commercial court in Vadodara. The milk pouches was packaged as Anul Shakti and Anul Taaza were being marketed by a firm called Kuldeep Enterprises. Amul had first sent legal notices to the two defendants, in response to which they said that the names are phonetically different and there is no chance of confusion. Amul Dairy argued that the layout and the colour scheme of the pouches in which Shri Shakti Dairy packed the milk were also similar to its pouches. The private dairy Anul’s lawyers argued that the case was misconceived as the dairy itself had coined and invented the term ‘Anul’. In the course of hearing in Vadodara’s commercial court, several documentary evidences of registration of ‘Amul’ and its milk brands were produced by GCMMF’s counsel while the two defendants abstained from the hearings. The Commercial court passed a judgement last week restraining the Ahmedabad-based dairy Anul and its marketing firm along with their agents, dealers and distributors from manufacturing, processing, marketing and packing milk under their labels, committing infringement of Amul’s trademarks and reproducing or copying its labels.
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