To get admission in this school, You need to have desirable ‘Kundali’

In Ahmedabad, Gujarat there's a school where you get admission on the basis of  'Kundali'. Yes, that's true. This school demands good 'Kundali' where there should be yoga for higher study.   In sabarmati area there's Hemchandracharya Sanskrit Pathshala where you do not need any certificate but you have to bring your 'Kundali chart' along with you. If you have yoga in your Kundali which confirms your higher study and extra ordinary achievement, you can be the student of the school. Only 2-3 students get admission among average 100 students.  Here students do not have to pay single rupee as fee Though School spends around 2 lacs after every student.  Since 10 years this school runs successfully and so far 500 students have managed to get admission. Majority of the students have got extra ordinary achievement.
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