Early puberty in girls, a growing trend in cities

New Delhi, Jul 09 (ANI): A survey conducted by the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) had deducted that the age of girls attaining maturity was significantly lowering. According to the study, 80 percent of girls in cities were reaching puberty around age 11, two years earlier than in the past. Apart from this, several studies came to a conclusion that the menarche age of women in India was witnessing a sharp decline as well. One in three female children are experience early maturity. Growing up earlier than scheduled has become a concerning trend for parents and paediatricians. Bodily satisfaction, looks and image become a major concern for children at puberty, and many suffer from low self-esteem. The realisation of puberty, periods, and changing body gets manifested more strongly in girls and adjusting to the monthly biological calendar, cramps, and other aspects influence the behavioural patterns as well. This results in increasing mood swings, a rush of excitement, anger, anxiety, and sometimes depression. Puberty even limits the height due to early maturation of bones. Doctors suggest that, ?onset of puberty is greatly determined by genetic control of a complex flow of signals in the hypothalamus, pituitary and ovarian axis that manages the sexual behaviour. This development is partially influenced by unimportant and environmental signals, which essentially play an accommodating role.
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