One pair of jeans is made using 10,000 litres of water…!!!

Innovation for our comfort is somehow dangerous for Environment. you will be shocked to know How You harm Environment and you do not know even..!!  
  • Your Video game console consumes energy even when you are not playing, hence wasting a great amount of electricity.
  • The gum you chew create more waste than can tires do because it can't be recycled and  takes longer to degrade.
  • The chopstick industry destroys around 3.8 million trees in China alone.
  • Precious Gold jewellery comes from gold mines that use 1,900 tons of harmful cyanide, annually.
  • A single use razor is non-recyclable and a big environmental hazard.
  • The nail polishes you throw away end up in landfills and contaminate soil and groundwater.
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