Chandigarh’s teens make, distribute sanitary pads in slums

Chandigarh, Jul 12 (ANI): Two teenage girls from Chandigarh have started a hygiene campaign, 'spot free', for girls living in slum areas of the city after watching Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar's movie 'Padman'. The ?padwomen? Jaanvi Singh (15) and Laavanya Jain (17) are spearheading the campaign where they make and distribute hygienic sanitary pads among the underprivileged girls. Jaanvi Singh said, ?After watching Padman, we thought we should buy pads and distribute it to women who can't afford it. But the cost was too much and that's why we decided to make them ourselves. We use cotton and gauge in this. We even asked our friends to help us in this. Our family also supports us.?
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