Japan Fans Stay Back to Clean The Stadium Even After Losing Their Way in FIFA World Cup 2018!

One would expect football fans to turn aggressive after facing a heart-breaking defeat at the World Cup however Japanese had something different on their mind.

Keeping up with their tradition, football fans from Japan were seen tidying up the trash they had made in the stands at the Rostov Arena. This is very remarkable because of the disappointment they had faced after the loss.

The Japanese have practiced the habit of cleaning the stands after the match in all their three group stage games. They have done that in past competitions also.

After the Colombia match, the video of Japanese fans cleaning the stadium was recorded by a Colombian fan, which got viral over the social media.

Photos showing "Samurai Blue" searching the stands for rubbish and gathering it up:

Influenced by their tradition and following their 2-1 win against Poland, Senegal fans did a similar act by cleaning up their section in the stands after the game. We hope Japan and Senegal's gesture sets an example for other countries to follow.

    By: Dhruvish Shah

Video Courtesy: FFS TV

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