Know about the richest village of Asia : Dharmaj Village of Gujarat , India

The tiny Dharmaj village in Anand district has a population of only 11,333 but has as many as 13 banks. The name of the town refers to Dharma. It is a village of district of Anand, and taluka of Petlad on Borsad-Tarapur Highway 8A.

With a population of only 11,000 this small village has all the facilities which even a city can not boast of. The infrastructure consists of pure drinking water, underground drainage system and tar roads. Whereas the lanes are stone laid. The smallest and remotest by lanes are well provided with proper street lights. The population of Dharmaj consists of mainly Patidars. The rest of the population is a mix of Vaniyas, Brahmins, Suthar, Valand, Garasiya, Vanakar, Harijan, Rohit etc.

For the past several decades, NRIs in this village have been depositing money in banks and post offices and the kitty today has grown to over Rs 1,000 crore, making it one of the richest villages in the country and with the highest NRI deposits.

The NRIs of Dharmaj village prefer to park their money in banks, which are mostly state-run banks and therefore the deposit in the banks have now cumulatively run into more than Rs 1,000 crore.

The over 3,000 Patidar families live life king-size and zip past in swanky cars and almost every family in the village has a member sending in the money for several decades.

There as many as 1,700 families hailing from this village settled in Britain, around 300 families in the U.S., 160 in New Zealand, 200 in Canada, and 60 in Australia, among others, taking the total number of families staying abroad to around 3,120.

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