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Nepal: Heavy rainfall claims 3 lives

Kathmandu [Nepal], July 12 (ANI): Heavy rainfall has claimed three lives in the ancient capital of Nepal, Bhaktapur. The three people were buried after the house collapsed due to incessant rainfall, which continued for 24 hours. Heavy downpour has led to landslides and caving in, causing disruption in lives of common people. Speaking to ANI, Chitwan Traffic Police Chief Bedprasad Gautam said, "Caving-in has occurred in various section of the highway and number 1 bridge has titled and the road is functioning one- way. The frequent mudslides in the section also is creating problem, we are making the attempts to resume the road and passengers are travelling amid the risk." The Narayangarh-Muglin section, which serves as the backbone for trade and supplies is functioning one-way as the landslide disrupts the highway with the caving-in in various sections. The Weather Forecasting Division of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Nepal has issued a warning for three days of continous rainfall in Eastern Nepal. As per Division's record till Thursday afternoon, 93.6 mm was recorded in Kathmandu today. Earlier on July 23, 2002, Kathmandu Valley had witnessed 177 mm rainfall. (ANI)
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