Here comes the future of flying!

It sounds like something that we have seen in movies : A plane that lands on a runway, shuts its wings, transforms into a train and moves on to rails to drop you at your local station.

"Link & Fly" is Akka Technologies's newly built aircraft design, after cars go electric and automatic, the next biggest invention will be in airplanes, said Akka's CEO, Maurice Ricci in an interview in Paris.

With this futuristic concept of Akka, travelers would board a train like tube at a local station and they have to scan their retinas for security during the ride to the airport.

Wings would then be attached to the pod for take-off. The company has showed their idea in a 3D mock-up video, collecting the interest from potential customers in Asia, Ricci said, without naming any company.


By: Dhruvish Shah

Video Courtesy: arronlee33/ Akka Technologies 

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