Maryam refuses ‘better facilities’ in jail

Islamabad [Pakistan], July 14 (ANI): Nawaz Sharif">Maryam Nawaz Sharif, who is in Adiala jail in Rawalpindi after being convicted in the Avenfield Corruption case along with her father Nawaz Sharif, on Saturday issued a statement stating that she refused better facilities on her "own will". She said, "I was offered to apply for better class/facilities by the Superintendent of the jail, as per the rules, that I refused of my own will - This is purely my own decision, taken without any pressure from anyone." The lawyers of Nawaz Sharif and Maryam will file an appeal against the Accountability Court order convicting them in the case. Sharif's lawyers on Saturday were in Adiala jail in Rawalpindi, where the two have been lodged, to get the legal papers signed by Sharif and Maryam. Since there was no time to reach court on Saturday, the appeal will now be filed in the court on Monday, the last day for filing the appeal against the order that was delivered on July 6 by the Islamabad Accountability Court. Sharif was awarded ten years in jail while his daughter got eight years of imprisonment along with others ahead of the general elections in Pakistan on July 25. The Sharifs are accused of failing to disclose the source of income for the purchase of luxury apartments in London. (ANI)
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